Unity Game Engine Integration!

Hello iNaturalist community! I am happy to announce that I have published a free integration of iNaturalist’s API into the Unity 3D game engine!


Now game developers — and even you — can make games with iNaturalist integration easily!

This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of iNaturalist staff member @pleary so big thanks to him for his help.


This looks really cool! Do you have a specific game project in mind for this?

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What great work! Thanks!

Nice easter egg in the thumbnails with the bilateral gynandromorphic Rose-breasted Grosbeak :smile:

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Cool project Josh!

Can you talk a little bit about how users of your integration can make sure that the content that they are using is licensed properly for their game? For example, some iNat photos are licensed CC-BY and must be attributed when used, and others are CC-NC and must not be used in commercial projects, and some are licensed ALL RIGHTS RESERVED and cannot be used outside of iNat.

I briefly looked at the docs for your integration but I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere.


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