Unjamming notification box

I want an advice about an overzealous IDer/agreer. For the last couple of days my notification box got jammed by more than 2500 IDs from a single person, who was adding his IDs exclusively for research grade observations of fungi. I will not dwell on this type of behaviour, it has been discussed previously, but I wonder what can I do with notifications. I don‘t want switch off „agree“ notifications – I am interested to know also who is agreeing with my IDs – in cases of the taxa I am not absolutely sure of and in the cases of the taxa that I know very well. I also cannot message the person in question, because formally he is doing nothing wrong – breaking no iNaturalist rules. To block him – is somehow too strong measure, I‘ve only done this once. Any other way to avoid jamming of the notification box in such cases? I cannot even un-jam it by one click.


You can mute them, for a week or so, then they’ll stop going through that taxon, and notifications will stop. Already added notifictions you just need to click through a couple of times.


Thank you. Muting is an excellent solution. His IDs are of no value to me, so I am not loosing anything.


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