Upcoming GBIF-led workshop: Advancing the Catalogue of the World's Natural History Collection

Hi, colleagues,

Apologies if this is slightly off-center, but knowing that the iNat community now often reaches into the world’s natural history collections, I hope you’ll pardon the intrusion.

If you are a member of the collections community, I hope you’ll help us alert members of your network about a virtual workshop and consultation that GBIF is coordinating in March and April.

This workshop, Advancing the Catalogue of the World’s Natural History Collections, consists of two parts:

  • A pair of two-hour preparatory webinars on 12-13 March , in which participants will discuss this draft ideas paper
  • An open, facilitated online consultation that will run between 17-29 April

Participants in these events will outline the scope, content and services included in a catalogue of the world’s natural history collections and develop a shared road map for implementation across the biodiversity informatics community. You can find the details here, including times, dates and links to registration for both the March webinars and the April consultation.

The workshop is the first of three that GBIF will lead as part of the European Commission-funded SYNTHESYS+ project, and it will also provide inputs into several intersecting initiatives, including the alliance for biodiversity knowledge .

Those interested in contributing to the consultation can also request early access to the consultation forum at any time, and I can also share additional materials if you’re in need—or simply follow us on Twitter at @GBIF and @AllianceForBio to track the discussion.

Many thanks,
Kyle Copas


Is this for the public or only a certain group? What is the webinars about? Would this be like a class?

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Sounds like the target audience is folks who work with natural history museum and herbarium specimen collections and databases - curators, researchers, etc.


Thanks for answering! I thought so but then wasn’t sure. :-)

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