Updates to conservation statuses in progress in Canada

Is it possible that you have permission for the other observations to see true coordinates so you didn’t notice the obscuration?

I don’t think so? It looks like I identified five in the past two weeks. There was one case where the initial ID was wrong, so that wouldn’t have been obscured until I identified it (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/30540202), and two cases where the observation was added to the NHIC rare species of Ontario project, which might give me access? Also, I follow those two observers. But they don’t follow me, so I doubt I have access that way. More to the point, if I had access before, why don’t I now? These are the two that I remember the most clearly as having non-private locations in Pinery Provincial Park. The obscured locations are off-shore now, so it’s a really obvious difference.


The last two are from random people, and haven’t been added to any projects:


30570372 was especially memorable because it was the first observation in Ontario from around Niagara Falls / Hamilton. (First known record in that part of Ontario, not just on iNat.)

Edit: I still feel like there’s a 10% chance I’m imagining things. Don’t waste too much time trying to figure this out unless someone else has reported something similar.


A few things:

  1. I am (with permission) doing some organisation and clean-up of the spreadsheet as it was hard to follow. Not finished yet but that’s why it looks a bit different.

  2. Above we discussed species with statuses set for the single-point place of Labrador, which are doing nothing. The conclusion there was that these statuses were hold-overs that no longer should exist. However, since then a CDC response was received for one of these species (Double-crested Cormorant) justifying the obscuration. So I see a couple of possibilities. (1) Some species were meant to be obscured in Labrador, and some are just hold-overs from before. This would indicate that these statuses need to be transferred to a proper Labrador place that will actually have an effect, and that we need to figure out which species are actually meant to be obscured. (2) Alternatively the Atlantic CDC response was a post-hoc justification for a status that wasn’t meant to exist in the first place. I would hope that this is not the case. So where was this cormorant status for Labrador coming from? Unfortunately the status itself seems to be gone (I might have removed it after our discussion above, don’t remember). Can we either find out if that was meant to be obscured in the initial wave of obscuring done in March, or if there is a record kept of how the status changed? Actually, it might be helpful if the full spreadsheet with the statuses that were applied in March could be shared somewhere, if easily possible.

  3. I’ve come across another species that “should” be obscured, but is set to open, with no record of anyone having changed it. https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/120032-Oecanthus-pini. Species seems to be actually ranked as SU in Ontario from what I can tell but shows as S1 there.
    Is this a hold-over from before March, or an error like those discussed above. Is there any way for us to tell without asking admins?

Hi Reuven,

In response to your number 2 point above. The Atlantic Canada CDC does consider Labrador as separate from Newfoundland and each have their own unique records and ranks. When we updated the lists we were asked by iNaturalist to combine them. Therefore, if it was meant to be obscured in Labrador only it actually got applied to the entire province and vice versa. Also the spreadsheet was posted by @carrieseltzer back in March but I’m not sure the link to get to it.

In response to number 3, Oecanthus pini is indeed ranked as SU in Ontario, and as such was not on the list of their obscured species. So it would have been opened up with this new roll-out.

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Also has anyone been able to update the statuses for @bouteloua’s requests? I want to make sure those changes have actually been committed. She received some updated responses from Atlantic Canada as well, which I don’t think are reflected on the spreadsheet. I will look into updating the spreadsheet, but I can’t do anything about the actual changes.

Thanks Allison,

Also the spreadsheet was posted by @carrieseltzer back in March but I’m not sure the link to get to it.

I don’t think it ever has been? Maybe I’ve missed something though.

Also has anyone been able to update the statuses for @bouteloua’s requests?

I’ve gone through a bunch of the statuses as shown in a column on the spreadsheet, but lots still to check, haven’t had much time. I was messaging with @bouteloua a couple of days ago, I think the spreadsheet should be up-to-date.

I updated the monarchs for all atlantic canada, Sean Blaney is ok with them being set to open. I hope that’s the only changes needed to the spreadsheet.

Good idea, @reuvenm. Here’s a link to the spreadsheet. There are two tabs: April 2018 shows the Canadian statuses at that point in time, and Feb 2019 shows what we used as the basis for the March/May/June updates (which happened in waves).