US opportunity: Request for Information: Framing the National Nature Assessment

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, on behalf of USGCRP (US Global Change Research Program), requests input from the public to help inform the framing, development, and use of the National Nature Assessment. We welcome comments on the definition of nature, what questions the assessment can help answer, potential audiences and engagement processes, trends and projections, and relevant information sources. More information on how to respond to this request, including guiding questions, can be found in the Federal Register Notice .

Feedback must be submitted via USGCRP’s Contribute site and is due by 11:59 PM ET on March 31, 2023. Responses will be considered throughout the comment period, as they are received.

All of the guiding questions are available at this link, but the following might be of particular interest to this community:

What questions should the [National Nature Assessment] answer? What do you wish you knew about nature in the United States?
What does nature mean to you?
What should the definition of nature used in the NNA be sure to address or include, and why?
What should the definition of nature used in the NNA be sure to leave out or exclude, and why?
What existing assessments and knowledge efforts should the NNA draw from to provide a comprehensive view of the status, observed trends and future projections of nature and its benefits in the United States, and why?
How can USGCRP best engage with local communities to incorporate their lived experiences into the NNA?
What existing datasets, knowledge sources, information or stories should USGCRP draw from in creating the NNA, and why?
How should the NNA be designed to add value beyond what these existing efforts and sources already provide?

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