Use of Open Source Software

Hi there.
I’m just wondering if there is anyone out there who is using the inaturalist open source software who would be prepared to have a chat about the possible use of it for cataloging and making available nature images to members of our not for profit organisation.



Depending on what you’re trying to do, it might be easier to create an iNaturalist project instead. There are also ways to embed iNaturalist content in other websites without having to run the iNaturalist software yourself. See, for example, Setting up and maintaining an independent instance of the iNaturalist software is a huge project and usually not the best solution. If you could provide more specific information about what you are wanting to accomplish, maybe we could help you figure out a better solution.


The first question that comes to my mind is: if a user subsequently deletes the observation (or their account), will either of these methods prevent the other website from breaking? If an image is licensed for this kind of use, I would feel safer hosting a copy off iNaturalist so that it is not affected by such deletions.