User licence question - concerns about sharing an analysis of iNaturalist dataset


I am developing a dashboard based on iNat data in Tableau Public, which hosts data analysis projects publicly. This involves analysing the iNaturalist dataset to compare the variation of species across regions and over time.

Before sharing my calculations and charts publicly, I wanted to check that I wasn’t violating user licencing.

I am only sharing ‘numbers’ and there will be no pictures. Still, are there any restrictions that I need to be aware of?

Many thanks!

it’s fine. just cite your data source, if it’s not already clear the data is coming from iNaturalist.

the only restrictions that i would worry about would be related to how you plan to gather the data.


Thanks for your reply @pisum.

I’m unsure what you mean by your last comment? I’m currently using the export webpage but might use the API in the future. This should be fine right?

yes, as long as you follow the recommended practices:

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