Uses of i-nat ?-- identify trees in backyard

Would it be appropriate to use this site to identify trees in our backyard? We’re trying to decide which to cut down.

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yes you can, but if they were planted by someone, put them in the casual section, also put an initial ID one them (for exemple flowering plants, or just plants ((plantae kingdom)) )

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Welcome to the forum! Organism identification is what iNaturalist was intended for! Feel free to post as many observations as needed. As mentioned above, please do mark observations with plants that were formerly planted there as “not wild.”


I suggest multiple photos - leaves, bark, flowers/fruits/seeds, overall shape


Relatedly, when taking a series keep them together as a set in one observation record. In Android app at least, I think the option to keep adding new shots is a camera icon in upper left of screen.

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The only problem I foresee is that once you mark your trees as cultivated/not wild, the observations go from “Needs ID” to “Casual”, and most identifiers will never see them.

Is it really the case, though? The most active identifiers in my area clearly have casual added to their filter and so have I.

Depends on the identifier, but it is a problem

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