Using a GoPro for Observations

Does anyone use a GoPro for observations? Does anyone have tips and tricks for using a GoPro with iNat? I’m specifically curious about using the cameras for underwater nature observations, but also curious if others use them in other ways on iNat.

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I haven’t done it myself but I’ve thought about doing it and am also curious.
Here are a couple relevant threads from the past:


I’ve used them for underwater observations:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

For good images they tend to require some photo editing due to the light loss and color changes under water.


I have one and it worked really well underwater. I haven’t used it for observations, mostly because I forget to charge it or forget it last minute. But really good underwater, and better than my phone in the air. I like it because it is so simple to use underwater. Only two buttons and you don’t even have to take it off your head.

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I uploaded several GoPro derived observations on the sec_research account. I imported the videos in Lightroom, used the “Capture Frame” button to take stills, and uploaded the stills to iNat. The process is described in this thread:


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