Using the field "Similar Observation Set" for linking observations of lepidoptera when raising on

I have a additional request, but maybe you think otherwise.
A field where people can enter theyr search link to the whole set.
It would be nice if the whole set as a link field, every one can form and enter his link as he whish.
Of course he also can do it in the description, but if it is in the section of the fields it would maybe be more overviewable if some one just search the set link and does not want to search through the whole description. It would be a bit more tabular.
Just an idea

I think as you demonstrated, it can be done with the field as it is now. I do think that it is better to include it in the description or a comment if you want to make the set more easily accessed.

I only use the obs# from the url because I know it will be unique, and it is very short (currently 8 digits) so easy to write onto a container when I am raising on lepidoptera. You can use descriptive forms too, as the original field description stated.

You can create your own observation field too… if you are certain that that is how you would like to handle the sets, then you can create the second field for that purpose. Just be aware that the fields and names they get is a “non-regulated space” as it were, so try not to go too overboard with creating lots of fields, and consider other inatters when coming up with names etc.

there is a “New observation field” button at the bottom of that list

Ah, its perfect
I have corrected every thing as you said.

Starting point is
This can be used to include the whole set into a project, where it will have a meaningfull picture

In a project there will only appear the sarting point
If some one is interested in animals which can be involved in the decomposting process of a species they click on the specific animal and this will lead to the whole set.

Set Link is
This can be used to share the set on other websites.

Its perfect, your idea is very usefull

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Just one thing more.
Its important to say, links in the app, to* are actualy grayed out. This absolute great system does only work on the website. In the app its not possible to open directly linked observations or search links, sadly at the moment.
How ever, the system works perfectly on the website and is realy a ultimative feauture!
Every one should know about this, i hope it gets some how officialy integrated to inaturalist, mentoined in the help files or directly integrated with some fancy buttons.

Thanks once more

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