Vanity observations - should I refrain from these?

Just a quick question as a new user! I have some wildlife photos from when I did study abroad in Tanzania in college over a decade ago, but they’re not terribly good photos, I’m can’t locate the exact place I took some of them, and many I’d have to obscure or would be hidden already because they’re of rare animals. To be quite honest, I wanted to put these up just more for the sake of vanity than anything else, to see my species count go up and to share them with my close friends. Should I refrain from posting these? I can’t imagine most would have any value to science.

I’m very sorry if I’ve posted this topic in the wrong location, too! Thanks for your help.


When you manually enter a location for an observation, you control the size of the radius in which the observation occurred. So if, for example, you know a photo was taken in a certain park, but don’t know where in the park it was, you can draw your circle big enough to encompass pretty much the whole thing.

Given the existence of that error bar, and given that iNaturalist automatically obscures the location of listed species, I don’t see any harm in adding them.


iNat is foremost a tool for you. For me I always describe it first as my nature diary and then all the other cool things about it. We also never know exactly how our observations might be useful to others in the future. So if you want to post the observations, please do!


I vote upload 'em!


I think that appreciating the natural world is a great thing to be vain about. Post and enjoy! :-)


Your photos. And your engagement with nature. Exactly what iNat is about and for.

Nothing about vanity there.
Lots of us add archived photos. Some a few, others masses. All good and useful.


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