Vietnam - iNaturalist World Tour

We’re featuring Vietnam on the World Tour today.

Here are the GADM Level 1 and
Level 2 places we’re using. Are these places correct?

What can we do to get more people in Vietnam involved in iNaturalist?

Looks good over all, but the Con Dao Islands are missing. It’s a small island on the SE of the country that is important in terms of biodiversity (especially marine) despite its small size. I’ve noticed that observation made there sometimes are marked as within Vietnam and other times have the location name marked as “unknown”.

It’s one of the few places in Vietnam from which marine reptile observations have been added to iNat.

There are only about 268 observations total from Con Dao, but they’re an important piece of the biodiversity picture for the country.

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Sad question, but what about disputable territories, like Spratly and Paracel Islands?

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