View true locations on maps for observations with trusted hidden coordinates

Any advances on this topic?
I too tend to obscure my coordinates and would like to have access to them on a map.

one thing you could do is make a project! You have to make a traditional project and add things manually, but it’s not too bad. Then you have them all in one place even though obscured. You can have them added to this umbrella project:

( i really hope there is support for the original request, but this is also helpful)


I would sooo like to have a way to do this.

As a programmer, I understand the caching issue. To implement this, they would have to cache both sets of coordinates, or the extra computing power required would affect performance. Personally, if I could check a checkbox to say “please give me poor performance but show my real coordinates”, I would gladly do it when needed.


Having assumed this was a bug ( i have added my vote.