How can I view my own observations unobscured on the map?

I know this feature exists on the iOS app, but is there any way to access it on the desktop version? I automatically obscure any observations from any private property, and I am trying to keep a collection of locations of certain species on my property and others in order to monitor them. The problem is, I can’t see the unobscured locations of my own observations and instead see the scattered obscured icons within the set obscurity boundary that anyone else would see. I can, however, view the correct location when I enter the individual observation and look at the mini-map on the side of the screen. This is helpful, but it has proven very tedious to individually open each observation (I have hundreds of obscured observations in some locations) to find the exact coordinates. Is there any way for me to just view these together on the map as if they were unobscured, as I can on the iOS app?

the short answer is that right now, you can’t.

see View true locations on maps for observations with trusted hidden coordinates - Feature Requests - iNaturalist Community Forum.

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You can view the exact pins for your observations on the Edit Observations page – Just note that the obscuration dots all show up as well, so every obscured observation is represented twice.

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