Virus software alarm

This morning when I opened iNaturalist, my virus software went nuts.

The page https://inaturalist-open-data.s3.amazonaws dot com/ has been detected with suspicious activity. It is not recommended to continue browsing this website.”
(add “.com” rather than “dot com” if you want to go there)

I went to the site anyway, and Firefox displayed the source code and this message:
"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. "

It does not look like it’s an actual threat, but might require some attention. Just FYI.


Probably the aftermath of the meltdown iNat just had.

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Maybe related to why AT&T isn’t liking photos from that server. Which virus software are you using?

BitDefender - it just found that the page was suspicious, apparently because it lacked style information.

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Apart from the lack of style information, might it be because the the website doesn’t supply owner information? I can’t see how that’d matter because it has valid certificate, but maybe something to look at?


I never followed up on this, sorry. We reached out to BD about it soon after the OP made this topic and BD said it was a false positive on their end and they removed the label from that domain. At about that time we stopped getting reports of issues from AT&T users.

Maybe AT&T gets a list of suspicious domains from BD? Or maybe somewhere that domain has been mistakenly flagged and that flag pops up on various ISP’s lists of suspicious domains?


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