Visiting Iceland - Recommendations?


In April, I will be visiting Iceland with my family. Does anyone have any good recommendations? We will be staying for about a week. Also, we will be staying near the main city Reykivik (sp?).

Also, any wildlife I should be keeping an eye out for?


Have a fantastic vacation! Be sure to go to Thingvellir— You can’t help seeing a lot of birds. Be sure to pay attention to the wildflowers in addition to the moss, lichens, and ferns. I regret not paying more attention to the insects while I was there. You might enjoy seeing the videos I made about Iceland on my YouTube channel linked to my profile.



I’ll check it out later when I have time ;).

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With its glaciers and volcanoes, Iceland is sometimes called “the land of fire and ice”, but it should really be called “the land of waterfalls”. There are some truly spectacular ones there, many of them quite famous. I’m not sure how far you’ll be willing to travel, but Seljalandsfoss is a great one.

For wildlife, Iceland doesn’t have any forests, exactly (Icelandic joke: “What do you do if you’re lost in a forest in Iceland?” “Stand up.”), mostly tundra and barren volcanic wasteland. So be sure to bring a macro lens or camera able to get closeups of arctic plants, if there are any not buried under snow that early in the year. For animals, you might want to plan to visit a good spot for viewing seabirds.


Would you suggest any local recommendations that are not recommended by field guides? Also, any tips for exploring the general area? Where would the best place to see the Northern Lights, near the main city (willing to travel a little ways).


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You will have a lot of daylight even in April so you are probably less likely to see the Northern Lights. However, you are bound to see something beautiful. When we went in June it was the week of the longest day of the year so the Sun never set! Unbelievably lovely, golden light diffused the landscape. Sometime I wish to go in September for berry picking and a better chance at seeing the Northern Lights.

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Ok, I will keep that in mind. Ty! Good luck in trying to go in Sept. - what kind of berries?

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I want to pick bilberries. Said to be similar to blueberries. I saw the bilberries in bloom so I wanted to see them all covered with fruit.

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Wonderful idea!
Twice that Jeremy said, the nature is extremely beautiful in Iceland. Don’t miss your chance to see puffins. Also just in case, if you want to go whale-watching I would recommend doing that in the north rather than in Reykjavik. There’s a wonderful whale museum in Husavik.

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I’ll keep that in mind, I don’t know how far away we are going to travel from Reykjavik though.Ty!

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Needless, to say, due to the recent turn of events (cause of the virus), we are not going this year. We’re hopefully aiming for next year, though!


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