"Votes" on Feature Requests now shows only open topics

Just noting that we’ve done some tweaking and when you click on “Votes” in the Feature Requests category, it now only shows topics which are still open, listed by the number of votes each topic has.



As of 16:13 PDT, I am only seeing the Latest and Top choices for this category, no Votes header.

You’re looking at just the Feature Requests category (the only one with voting)?
It’s always had a Votes filter for me.

Yep, that’s where I was looking, just within category, and it’s showing there now, but wasn’t an hour ago. Glad it was temporary.

Now that I can see it again, one thing that would be really nice is some visual cue as to which requests I have added a vote to.

Worth a feature request? Or am I missing some other way to find the same information?

Also, as of 17:15 PDT, the Votes filter is acting like a toggle. Click once and I see the list without closed topics, click again and the close topics are back in the list. Not a problem necessarily, just noting it.

If you’re just looking for a list of FRs that you’ve voted on, you could do this:

  1. Click on your account icon in the top right of the webpage
  2. In the dropdown menu that appears, you’ll see your name in the top left of the menu. Click that.
  3. A new page should open up that shows your Activity, and on the left side of the page, you’ll see a lot of different categories of activities. Click on Votes, and that should show you a list of things you’ve voted on.

Thanks, that works well enough. I’d seen that before, but took the heart symbol to mean all likes, not just FR votes.

Are likes and votes explained somewhere? I seem to have missed this.

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Votes are explained in the About the Feature Requests Category topic, which you should have seen at the top the first time you visited the category: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/about-the-feature-requests-category/69/2

And your first message should have had a link to the New User Guide, which explains likes: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-new-user-guide/96331


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