We are planning iNat network node in Brazil - anyone interested?


we are gathered here in Brazil to try and make a national iNaturalist node happen. It seems like a nice way to provide better support for the national community and engage more Brazilians with the platform.

Now, Brazil is a continental country with a lot of iNat activity. We are contacting many organizations that know and love iNat to try and build the basis for the node.

We do not know, however, if some other group of iNaturalists from Brazil has submitted an application or is trying to sort out this. If you are doing that, or has tried to do it in the past, we would love to talk and join efforts!

Currently I, @edgar_crispino , @enricotosto96 , @josev_ge and @aranda87 are regularly meeting and contacting different possible institutional partners, mostly based in São Paulo.

Also, if you are from the iNat staff or has a role in some node, specially those in Latin America, we would love to chat and learn from your experiences! I’ve talked to @flo_grattarola from iNaturalistUY who has been extremely helpful already (thanks!)

Happy easter, everyone!


I believe you need to coordinate with Carrie Seltzer @carrieseltzer of the iNaturalist staff for new network nodes.


Sure, thanks! I’ve sent her a couple of e-mails, but with no reply yet.

In any case, I thought about having some open space for discussing this, especially if other Brazilians out there are thinking about the process but perhaps have not yet contacted iNat staff. I hope the Forum is an okay place for that.