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I wanted to make a thread about Chrome extensions or other resources that could add niche features that imrpove the iNat experience for some users.

I’ve been using some Chrome extensions I found on the website that add some features. I hope this thread becomes a repository of more such resources in the future.

iNat Enhancement Suite

  • Adds color-coded computer vision scores to observation and upload pages.
  • Shows the count of your observations of a taxon on the taxon’s page.
  • Adds button to observation & identify pages to easily copy geocoordinates. Also fixes pasting of coordinates into the observation upload map modal.
  • Adds identifier stats to observation pages.

Tools for iNat

This tool allows you to use GPX files in batch edit to set locations according to the matching timestamps of observations and GPS track points.

iNat to Wiki Commons

An add-on to connect iNaturalist observations to Wikimedia Commons. Adds a “Upload to Commons” button to iNaturalist so users can quickly transfer openly-licensed images to Commons.

(This one’s glitchy right now)

The last extension uses iNat2Wiki which seems to be a very helpful tool to push your iNat observation photos to Wikimedia Comons.


would you like me to make this a wiki, so that other users can edit your original post and add resources?


That would be very helpful, thank you!


Have used the Enhancement Suite since it was built for us.
And text expander thanks to tiwane



Thanks for the link to the other threads. The text expander is such a valuable addon.