Website and app are not working

As title says, nothing is loading, anyone else with the same issues or it’s a local one?


Same issue for last thirty mins or so (I think :p ).

It appears domains are suffering from a DNS issue outside our control. Not everyone seems to be affected, but many users are. We’re actively investigating and will give updates when we have more concrete information to provide.


In addition, forum wasn’t working for me, maybe because we were all rushing here to check the status. Thanks @pleary for the update.

It opens for me in browser, but when I click on something it goes blank, it works on my phone though.

both iNat (from app and web) and the forum were down in ZA for about 5 minutes at 22:40 UMT.

It seems like the issue has been resolved for now.


It’s up for me, thank you all!

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