Website is displaying my profile as ‘’... Why?


The inat website is displaying my profile as ‘’ and I don’t know why. I have obviously clicked on ‘iNaturalistAU’ but it’s not showing it, does anyone know why?

Just in case anyone is wondering; yes, I did click save.

Looks like you may have clicked a link for which will display that header. No matter what site you are affiliated with, you can use and log into any other site. Just close the window and go to instead :-)


Thanks @carrieseltzer, its working on the correct country now.

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Rather than logging out and back in, you can click into the URL and change the domain part to your domain. For instance, I am set for but sometimes I click links and end up on pages, I just edit the URL and change the org to NZ, leaving every other part of the URL the same, and then enter to reload the page and I would see it from the .nz domain. You would have to replace .ca with, etc.

The advantage? It keeps you on the page you followed via link, but has you signed in from your own domain and can do and see everything as a logged in user (assuming of course you were signed in when you followed the link…)


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