Website to propose vernacular names


I have a website with files on animals and plants in the region. many species, present on my site, do not have vernacular names and I am thinking of visitors new to nomenclature who will want to deepen their research on one of the species in question but who will have difficulty remembering their scientific name.

My question is as follows: are there sites where we can propose vernacular names so that they are made official?

I don’t know of specific websites that allow this. Depending on the taxonomic group, some scientific societies do occasionally allow public input on new common names. However, common names are generally those that are in usage already.

On a related note, iNaturalist is definitely not a place to coin new common names. iNat’s guidelines specifically say users should not create new common names and should add ones that are already in use in other areas. There are a lot of threads on the forum about common names and iNat if that is something you are interested in.


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