Weird Bird Taxa

Want to start a feed showing some strange taxon comparisons with birds. I’ll start it off and you can post your own. Add a little humor if you can.

Why is the Pacific-slope and Cordilleran Flycatcher separates species but all the Dark-eyed Juncos aren’t?

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Dark-eyed Junco subspecies routinely intergrade where they meet. I believe that the argument for Pac-slope and Cordilleran Flycatchers was that they don’t show such behavior. Part of the issue is that they’re so hard to distinguish that intergrades aren’t obvious – you just about have to use DNA to find them, which is expensive.

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I don’t know about weird, but one of my favorite taxa has to be Turdus migratorius, if I revert to teenage scatological humour :-)


I was hoping to keep this topic humorous and not a debate but ok, guess I failed! XD