Welcome BowerBird Community

BowerBird is a site very similar to iNaturalist from Australia with a very vibrant and knowledgeable community of naturalists. As part of the sad news about BowerBird shutting down, BB founder Ken Walker recommended that the community start using iNaturalist if they’d like to continue generating data for the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA archives research-quality observations from iNaturalist).

We’re honored by Ken’s recommendation and want to do everything we can to help any BowerBird community members who want to give iNaturalist a try get oriented as painlessly as possible.

I posted a brief tutorial aimed at explaining the basics of iNaturalist to a BowerBird user seeing the website for the first time.

BowerBird users reiner and @matthew_connors set up a very nice BowerBird Project on iNaturalist

And we’ve had requests from 12 BowerBird users to help copy over their BowerBird observations to their iNaturalist accounts. Over 12,000 such observations have been copied over so far.

iNaturalist can seem pretty hard to figure out for new users so I’m hopeful these steps will help increase the chance of a smooth transition. I’m also hoping this forum thread will be a place for any BowerBird users with questions to get feedback and help from the broader iNaturalist community. And also don’t hesitate to send any questions to help@inaturalist.org

Thanks and welcome BowerBird community!


Welcome Bower Birders! I’m glad that you’re joining this wonderful iNaturalist community. As far as the forum is concerned, if you have any forum-related questions don’t hesitate to message myself or even better, @moderators, for assistance and we’ll be happy to help you out and get you comfortable here.

Happy observing!


Hi @loarie,
I have only a few observations on BB, as I switched over to iNat a while ago. How should I go about moving those observations to iNat manually so that they’re added to the Bb Project with the hyperlink? Do I have to worry about potential duplicates between iNat and ALA? e.g. if observations are already on ALA, should they still be added to iNat? Thank you so much!

Hi Claudia, we’d be happy to copy over your BB observations if you email help@inaturalist.org to confirm. We haven’t received word from ALA about what they are doing about duplicates, but the BB link you mention has the information ALA needs to de-dup, which I imagine they’ll be able to do relatively easily.

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I just wanted to give an update on the BowerBird migration. To date 70% of the observations on BowerBird have made it over to iNaturalist at the request of 68 people. I think things seem to be tapering off.

These data represent 9.8k species and nearly 700 people have helped identify these observations (huge thanks to @gumnut, @vicfazio3, @bushbandit @thebeachcomber, @reiner et al!). The Bowerbird project gives a great overview of the BB community on iNat

While we have a policy against posting observations to iNaturalist not attached to active people, we made an exception for the late Graeme Cocks https://www.inaturalist.org/people/graemevc after his son and wife reached out and agreed to steward the observations on Graeme’s behalf. Its certainly fantastic to have Graeme’s wonderful contributions represented here.

I also mentioned the migration in the Australia post for the World Tour a few weeks ago in case anyone missed it: