What are your experiences of iNaturalist and exploring nature as a person of color?

This is a topic that stems from iNaturalist’s statement in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

This specific discussion topic is a space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to share their experiences and stories (be they good, bad, or other) with iNaturalist or about exploring nature in general. While the Black Lives Matter movement has its roots in the United States, and we encourage users in the US to share their experiences, iNaturalist is a global platform and contributions from anyone around the world are welcome. The goal of this topic is to increase everyone’s understanding and awareness of these issues.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your story publicly but still want to share it with iNaturalist staff, you can email help+race@inaturalist.org.

Because this is a topic which is quite personal and emotional, we ask that:

  • contributions be restricted to people of color sharing their stories and to those who want to express solidarity with or ask questions about those stories and experiences. Any dismissive replies will be removed.

  • this not be a place for suggestions or feedback for iNaturalist about these issues, there is a separate topic for that.

  • you familiarize yourself with our forum’s guidelines, as well as iNaturalist’s Community Guidelines, which also apply here. If you see a reply here which violates those guidelines, please flag it. Keep in mind that violations on the forum can affect your standing on iNaturalist proper.


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