What are your favorite examples of animal camouflage/mimicry?

In other words, it is entirely unrelated to Lake Wobegon, which (according to Garrison Keillor) is derived from a Native American language and means “the place where we waited for you all day in the rain.”

What I find interesting about crab spiders (or at least some of them) is that the color matching we humans see is (we assume) meant to protect the spider from predators.

They reflect UV light quite well, though, which makes them more visible to potential prey like bees (at least according to this BBC clip).


I admire this toad bug. Never would have seen it except it moved. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/94496983


This is a very cool topic

I find the Ant mimicking Spiders very fascinating, actually pretending to be the prey item that they prey upon!!
Here is a species which most likely mimics ants in the Genus Pheidole (or similar taxa): https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/14717773
Admittedly, there are far more convincing ant-mimics out there

Mimicry in plants is something which can bend even the sturdiest of minds, like how certain orchid species in Australia mimic the mating partners of some Euglossinae as a function of completing pollination

And then, although not strictly falling into either the camouflage or mimicry categories, there are certain land insects such as the one below who can submerge themselves under water and still remain fully functional. This might not be for the sole purpose of escaping certain predators on land, but may very well assist in doing so


Oh, what a world we live in!


Best camouflage I’ve ever seen was a little bird called a brown creeper. I watched this bird go up and down the trunk of a white pine for ages and I took a bunch of pictures. When I went back to look at the pictures I could not find the bird in a single one! Took me ages to finally find and then when I tried to share it on here no one else could see it either!