What do you see in this photo?

Yeah, it looks like the normal ridge formed by the squamosal and parietal bones along the rear edge of the skull:

  1. http://academic.emporia.edu/sievertl/verstruc/ALLSKULL.HTM
  2. https://campus.murraystate.edu/faculty/tderting/anatomyatlas/settle1.html
  3. http://journals.usamvcluj.ro/index.php/veterinary/article/viewFile/9604/8540

You can even see the same ridge on other photos (it’s just their necks are “beefier” or at a different angle, so the “gap” isn’t always as pronounced):
2. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/9487484


hi pisum. as Karen says …
but I’m used to croc.s maybe alligators do have weird head plate sort of things

Just a few days ago another one got posted that is almost a double for the one that started this thread (less submerged, but similar positioning and angle, and same squamosal/parietal ridge):


Definitely a log carved to look like an alligator, with fake eye.

No, it’s a gator. ;-)

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