AM I doing it right?

I’ve posted an observation and can’t now find it when I search which may hamper identification - an somebody please check and let me know if this is correctly posted?

Yes, it’s ok. Since these animals were not in the wild, you should also mark it as captive/cultivated. However, that tends to decrease its visibility since most people are looking for wild things to identify. Adding it to projects for market observations can help. It’s from a part of the world where we don’t have a ton of iNaturalist activity, so it’s harder to get ids.

If you add more observations, that can also increase the likelihood of other people stumbling across this unusual one. I do look forward to finding out what this mysterious mammal is.

It looks okay to me. If you go to your Profile then choose Observations, or “Edit observations” under your profile icon top right of an iNat page, you will see “all” your observations, ie this one.

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How did you know its not wild Carrie? Did I miss something?

These are dead and appear to be on a boat on a river. Maybe a larger uncertainty radius is more appropriate if they were captured in the area, but this is one of those gray areas and it’s probably difficult to know how far it had traveled.

Thanks Carrie et al - it will be interesting if I can get an ID - even the Natural History Museum in London were stumped by this one…

Huh, I wouldn’t have thought of that geographical problem - just dead and wild. I did also wonder if more than one species was present in this bushmeat.

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