What do you think "Quilt Image"?

Hello , I’m photoglapher in Japan.
My main photo target is wild plants.
II recently got a looking glass portrait.
It is a display that can be displayed in 3D.
However, in order to display it in 3D, a special image called a “Quilt Image” is required.

So I made a ”Quilt Image".(This is the image attached to this thread)
This image is made from a 3D model created by a technique called photogrammetry.
I previously set up a thread about 3D models.
There was a positive opinion about the 3D model, but what do you think about the “Quilt Image”?
If useful, I’ll add a quilt image to my observations.

Movie(Quilt Image on 3D display):https://twitter.com/foxandserow/status/1431971344950857736?s=20
If you want to make Quilt Image and If you had Looking Grass Portrate,You can get all materials for Quilt Image(It’s all free):https://light-box.booth.pm/items/3237433


it’s nice. i can easily imagine this printed up and hung in a modern art gallery or in the halls of a university’s biology department.

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Wow thank you !
The quilt image is for 3D display, but you can also remind yourself of 3D with just the quilt image.
It may also have a shape as a new net.

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