What does casual grade mean?

sir, what do mean of casual observation , and who will decide that the observation is casual or in research grade. please can you gaiud me.

Hi Rashid,

Whether an observation is casual or research grade is automatically calculated depending on the data that the observation has.

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An observation is casual if it is missing one or more of these : the date it was observed, the place it was observed, a photo (or sound recording). Also if it has been flagged by the community as offensive or a violation of site rules etc. Lastly if someone has voted no ( or there are more no votes than yes) in one of the 5 data quality parameters in the data quality review (date is accurate, location is accurate, organism is captive, photos show no evidence of the species, no recent evidence shown in the photo).

An observation is needs ID if all the qualifications above are met but there is not yet a community consensus on its identity.

An observation is research grade if all the qualifications are met and a minimum of 2 identifications have been made or ar least 2/3rds of the total identifications entered agree on its identity


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