What happened to the Project "eButterfly"?

On or about May 1st the project “eButterfly” disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to it? I was selecting it for an observation and it disappeared while I watched. It appears to be removed from all my old observations as well. It’s gone on both the web site and the iPhone app.


I don’t know! I found out about eButterfly about the same time I found out about iNaturalist, and I figured I only had to upload to iNaturalist and it would get my observations to eButterfly as well (instead of having to post to 2 places). It’s too bad I can’t count on that now. I checked into my eButterfly account though, and all seems normal there, so I sent a message. I hope they respond.

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They got back to me rather quickly! Here’s what they said:

Thanks for getting in touch, and no bother at all!

Indeed, the ebutterfly project is not on iNat for the moment. This is just temporary since we are having talks with them on how to share data between our checklist (more informative reporting) and their presence/abscence style.

So no worries, any reporting that you do to ebutterfly will be added to iNat at a later time

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you



Human Network and Data Coordinator


Thanks for the reply and the background information. Hopefully they will get it sorted out soon.
Much appreciated,

Yes, thanks for that. I had noticed it was gone as well, but since I don’t post or identify a lot of butterflies, had forgotten about it.

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