What is State of matter Life? I see it with varying regularity on obs that are microscopic

I just see this on posts such as this one: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/104076562

The very base of the taxonomic tree in iNaturalist is called “State of matter life”. It’s the proper ID for all observations of living things that are either bug or plant or something else entirely.
Your link is a good example, it’s certainly a living thing… but the identifier can’t give any more details. (Me neither).
Here another example https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/104144577
It’s either a bug or a plant… identifications do currently not point clearly in a direction.

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It can be used for Life of unknown origin (as stated above by @mreith “The very base of the taxonomic tree” ) or is the result of IDs that are in conflicting Kingdoms

Conflict can also show up often when a knowledgeable user types in the ID of the organism and the drop down menu gives several choices and the user accidentally selects a homonym that is eventually revealed to be a conflicting kingdom. Sometimes this happens with scientific name and sometimes it is a common name. Sometimes it is the original poster and sometimes it is later in the identification process.


I’d prefer the taxon name just be Life or Biological Life.


Na Na, na-na na!
Life is Life! (except now I’m seeing that it’s actually “Live is Life”… not sure if it actually works now).



I heard life at first too. I think it’s Live is Life now. Interesting band Opus, never heard of it before.

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