What is the etiquette around flagging ambiguous/low quality observations

Say for example I see an observation of a bird that it just a dark silhouette against the sky. It’s been research quality confirmed, perhaps because the auto suggest system gives a species level suggestion

Yet looking at the photo, there is not enough detail to be certain to the species level, despite the RG tag.

What’s the correct etiquette in these scenarios? Am I free to tick the box that says the taxon can still be improved?

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If you are confident that the ID is impossibly specific, add a disagreeing ID to the appropriate level. It’s good to add an explanation why you do so as well.

Then you can check that it cannot be improved. Because (in your opinion) the higher level ID is as improved as it can be. This makes the observation casual if it is IDed above family level, sort of filtering out low quality observations.


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