What is the meaning behind the iNaturalist logo?

I’ve always been wondering what the iNaturalist logo means. Nature? All lifeforms?


With Cape Town eyes I see Xhosa - in that language my city is iKapa. Makes me feel at home on iNat :smile:
But from iNat’s CA base is suppose it is i for information.

Are you talking about the name (“iNaturalist”) or the graphical logo? If the latter, what iNaturalist website specifically are you thinking of? For example, on www.inaturalist.org the logo is a bird, on mexico.inaturalist.org it’s a cactus thing (?), on inaturalist.ca and inaturalist.nz it’s a leaf, etc. The various localized sites pick their own logo, I believe.



It’s supposed to be a bird, and it’s supposed to be harmonized globally. But as seen in the comment above, that hasn’t seemed to happen.


Just noticed this on the Account Settings page. Looks like the icon displayed on this page does not necessarily match the favicon displayed in the browser when loading the main page for some of these affilates. (e.g. here NZ is a multi-colored butterfly, but the favicon in my browser when loading the NZ site is a green leaf)

There may be other places the logo appears that maybe isn’t aligned either. Maybe there is somewhere where the logo is aligned with the new global branding guidelines but it’s just not in the favicon or on the settings page? :person_shrugging: