What is the most interesting organism that you have seen in your local area?

Good description for it. :smile:

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My backyard is quite dull so I sneak into my next door neighbor’s backyard and found a fig plant (Ficus cumingii) which has never been photographed before in my country (Malaysia).


Am fortunate to live in an area in northeast California that has been re-occupied by gray wolves, including a pack that has produced pups in each of the last 4 years. After a lifetime of looking at small coyote tracks, being able to go not too far outside of town and see a canid track that is almost 5 inches long is an amazing thing.


Theres several plants and insects in my area that I discovered had maybe 5 observations or less. I think of one my plant was the only observation on all of inaturalist. I think there are several more like that, but I dont have time to sniff them all out.

Well, I did have this cutie in my patio. We don’t often see skunks so much as smell them at times. They travel along a nearby creek bed. This one seemed pretty chill, not worried about being out and about during the daytime.


The first time I saw this insect (and I’ve only seen it twice), I had no idea what it was. I did not know forcepflies (is that the plural?) existed and would have never guessed they would be present locally if I had. Someone had to explain to me what it was.:)


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Difficult to choose, but a recent interesting one was this Ant-mimicking jumping spider that I spent an awful long time to get decent photos of:
…and this spider which I still can’t identify to a family level despite my clear desperate call for help (lol):


Wow, that really DOES look like an ant! Wonders of the world. :)