What is the RAREST animal/plant you have ever seen


this dude. There are only two observations of this guy, and they’re both mine. Not bad for looking at my nightlights.


Light trapping is the best way to find new species to observe! I’ve been doing it in my back alley in a major metropolitan area and still regularly get new stuff


I have this observation of a Corbicula shell. It is most likely the widespread and invasive Asian Clam, however, it could be the also invasive C. largillierti, which has not been recorded in the midwest U.S. at all (on iNaturalist.) We will never know, however, because I had accidentally crushed the shell. Oh well.


It is! In my case, these are just the few dim night lights on two sides of our house. We live at a dark end of a road near the woods, so it’s been interesting seeing what comes up!


probably this Genus Dipturus from Cornwall, UK on August 04, 2023 at 02:24 PM by fishking. found in a big rockpool · iNaturalist skate which i found washed up in a rockpool near Padstow.

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