How to find your observations of rarest species

I feel like I’ve seen someone ask this before but can’t find the post.

Is there a way to sort your observations by the number of observations of the species on iNat, such that my Mallard pics would show up on the bottom and my singletons would be on top (or vice versa)? And if that’s possible in general, can it also be done by specific place, eg finding my observations of a generally common species I was the first reporter of in my state, etc?

And on a related note, is there a way to filter only your observations that have comments (either in the ID or comment box) from other people?

Just through the Compare tool, and you have to narrow the taxonomic group to something with fewer than 500 species, such as everyone’s observations of hawks/eagles compared to yours:

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I suppose I can work with that. Thanks!

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