What Nature Places/Activities Are On Your Bucket List?

What nature places are on your bucket list? Here are mine:

*Watching the wildebeest migrate in the Serengeti
*Going on a whale-watching trip
*Visiting an island in the Pacific ocean
*The Great Lakes
*And a lot more…
I can’t wait to hear all your bucket list wishes!


Hi @lia_the_naturalist, I moved this to #nature-talk since it’s not directly related to iNaturalist itself.

okay, how do you do that?

When you create a topic, select Nature Talk for the category.

oh okay thanks!

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This thread is very similar to this existing one above.

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Don’t delete this. People added comments and I don’t want everything to go missing!

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None of topics are deleted, they should be merged togeter, though there’re same people answering in both.

I have no power to delete anything except for my own comments. Its possible for forum admin/moderators to link them together.

Thanks for pointing that out. It seems like an evergreen topic, so I opened the older topic and merged the relevant posts there.