What place has the densest amount of observations?

The Northern tip of Keizer, Oregon, USA, if we could get more people observing photos of the various carabid, elaterid, teneb, buprestid, chrysomelid, and other beetle and insect species, as well as the plants in the parks, then we would have a LOT of species not yet observed with photos on iNat, I found Agonum belleri here. But I can’t collect them, and do not have any way to prove that I found them, as I own no good cameras, and my friend @bioedteach was not with me when I found them, so he could not take any photos either. : (
Though I have several specimens of beetles that are not yet on iNat, that I will get uploaded as soon as I can get a camera! Plus a lot of interesting colour variations, and mutations. Or just strangely deformed beetle specimens.

I would love it if there were more people in Northern Keizer, or just Keizer in general that were paying greater attention to the small things. Live traps for catch, photograph, and release (live pitfalls) are great for nocturnal beetles, spiders, and other insects that live on the ground.

At Bair Park** I have found over 150 different beetle species (not all are yet identified sadly) just from pitfall traps, using my sweep net in the tall grasses, looking under leaves and logs, and on and around decaying animals (not often though). And I know for sure that not all of them are on iNat yet for the area. I hope they will be soon so that more people will be able to know where to look if they want to observe how these species act in their natural habitats rather than in captivity. (Bair Park was once owned by the Bair family, and has barely changed, unlike the rest of the area, since the homes and other man-made structures have been built)

**If you go to this park, please do not throw rocks at the deer or squirrels if you see them. There are some kids in the area that do, and have killed multiple squirrels before. : ( Whenever the grasses there are cut by whoever works for the city, ensatinas, ferns, snakes are killed, as well as much of the habitat. I have found chopped up animals before. : ( Not happy about that.


In Idaho, it may be Cherry Springs Nature Area in Bannock County.

It is part of the Caribou National Forest.

Here is the link to the collection pr0pject: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/cherry-springs-nature-area

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Although I document sightings on every nature venture I take, I definitely focus on my ten acres of woods. I think there is a value to having dense local data over time.


I thought your units were off, haha! So I looked it up, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mill_Ends_Park
I plan to visit when I’m in Portland later this month! -Jerry


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