Location has no observations...?

I created a location for a nearby park, and while searching generically, it shows that there are observations in the park (I have added many of them), but in the park page and the Explore page for the location, no observations are shown.

This topic is pretty much the same question, but I have waited two weeks already and nothing has shown up.

I see your observations have large radius, so if you can’t narrow it down, having a little bit larger borders for the place should help.


I just edited all of my observations at the park to have a smaller radius, 46m, so they are all within the borders of the park that I created. I’ll wait until tomorrow and see if anything changes.

I’d prefer not to have to change the actual area of the location as it would then be inaccurate.

Huh, looks like this worked. I guess my observations’ locations were just too vague.

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