What’s eating my Scrophularia Californica?

I thought California Bee Plant was deer-resistant, but it looks as though something is gnawing off the top half of the plant! A whole cluster of 15-20 bee plant stems disappeared overnight on my property in what appear to be either the handiwork of a deer or a mower (and it definitely wasn’t a mower). Is it fair to say that “deer resistant” doesn’t mean “deer proof” or is there another culprit I should be thinking about?


Deer-resistant most definitely does not mean deer won’t eat it. I live on a small island without deer predators and very little hunting. The deer reproduce very rapidly. During the dry summer months, they will happily eat ‘deer-resistant’ plants. When things get dire they will even eat so-called deer-proof plants. I’ve even had a deer climb onto my deck to eat spilled birdseed.

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Similar with other herbivorous animals. Last year we had so many slugs, they ate poisonous stuff like Papaver, rhubarb leaves, Euphorbia lathyris and the stalks of onions (after having consumed all my vegetables). Fortunately the year ended before they started eating rocks.


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