What's up with all the newt pics compared to a penny?

Hey all! Has anyone else noticed that every night, there’s a sudden onslaught of hundreds of newt photos, usually California newt or rough skinned newt, that are always “unknown” and compared with the newt next to a coin?? I wouldn’t be confused if it was just one person who maybe really liked newts, but I swear it’s a different person every single time? Is there just some community out there that goes out at night and takes photos of newts comparing them to pennies?


It’s part of a newt survey, see https://baynature.org/2023/11/27/its-looking-like-a-banner-year-for-baby-newts-in-the-north-bay/

The pennies are for scale, I believe.


This is precisely the sort of topic that makes me love visiting the iNat forum every day :) Alas that the article kept using the phrase “baby newt” instead of “eft,” that lovely survivor of Old English that specifically means “juvenile newt” and is well known to habitual crossword players (though they did give it a mention).


Am I the only one who sees a contradiction here?

Yeah, my guess is they probably are uploading a lot at once and maybe go back and add the project and observations tags afterwards??

Yes, they’re out in the rain on a road and aren’t adding IDs when in the field.

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