Where do I find all my IDs of taxa that are now inactive?

I was browsing iNat the other day and came across an observation that I had ID’d as a taxon that is no longer active (unfortunately I don’t remember what taxon that is). People that had agreed with my ID had their IDs automatically updated, but not mine. So I manually searched for all my IDs of this specific taxon to update them one by one.

I wonder if there is any way I can find all my IDs that refer to inactive taxa and haven’t been automatically updated?


UPDATE - just remembered what taxon change it was: a genus swap from Nephila clavipes to Trichonephila clavipes. For instance here and here.

I only know how to do this through the API:
which finds these 5 observations:

Do you happen to have this box unchecked in your account settings? You might want to check the box and save so that these IDs automatically get updated when there’s a taxon change.

Thank you for this helpful reply, @bouteloua! Indeed the box was unchecked, which explains why my inactive taxa weren’t automatically updated.

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