Where to get some fleas?

Does anyone know where I can find fleas? I tried to look for them in some vet clinics but couldn’t find any

Any free-living dog or cat will have them, if you can’t check the animal, look at spots where they often lay, fleas will be there too. I doubt a vet clinic is good place to do that, they wouldn’t allow fleas to hop around.


I usually have to work hard to avoid them when cleaning bird boxes out at the end of the year. I think mice sleep in the boxes and always leave a few behind. If you can find a mouse nest then fleas are guaranteed. Fresh roadkill will probably have some waiting for the next warm body that comes along but that’s probably a bit hard to find casually.


Ask your local animal shelter - when we needed some for insect taxonomy, we volunteered several hours in exchange for them :)


That’s a nice idea, thanks!

Thanks! I’ll keep any eye out for it

OHHH righttt I gotta check them, thanks much :)

What kind of fleas? The fleas on dogs and cats will be different species than the fleas on mice.

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Similarly, a wildlife rescue facility would be a potential source of fleas.

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