Who are the top annotators of flowering plants?

How do I determine the top annotators of flowering plants, that is, the users who have applied the most annotations of “Plant Phenology”? I want to tag this group of folks in a journal article.

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Okay, the top annotators of flowering plants seems to be an unknown quantity. As an approximation, I can use a subset of the observers and identifiers associated with the observations that have a “Plant Phenology” annotation. I suspect that identifiers are more likely to add annotations but I don’t know how to confirm that.

Often but not necessarily. Sometimes users will add annotations as a way of helping out on iNat as a break from or alternative to IDing (one might not have enough expertise to feel comfortable IDing a particular taxon, but can recognize a larva vs. an imago or a flower vs. a fruit).

I’ll periodically do a bunch of annotations when I’m looking for something (say, pictures of immature specimens of a particular species). These may or may not be taxa where I am also an active IDer.

Maybe someone more familiar with the API will know whether there is a way to get data on annotators.

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