Who is your favourite inat photographer?

there are allot of people who use inat to express themselves and their subjects through photography so who is your personal favourite? (it could be someone who takes great photos on purpose or just happens to take great pics for their observations). I’m really curious and look forward to your responses!

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Zach DuFran. He gets all the moths, and he seems like a fun guy.



The late Greg Lasley was an amazing photographer and incredibly generous in sharing his techniques.


All of them


There are too many users to have a favorite, let alone even know who is taking the best photographs.

For me, I tend to take photos first, and some of them become observations, so I tend to like a lot of my own photos more than the average on the site, but I do have to admit that the quality depends a lot on what tool I’m using for the photos, what conditions I’m shooting under, and how much time I have to get the photo.

For arthropods, Viet Anh here in Vietnam, has been taking some really good photos.


People who photograph sci-fi mesofauna like @mrmacro


Oftentimes even crappy photographers will post something great. Most of my images are poor or ordinary, but a few of my photos get complimented. If you get an image in sharp focus and happen to chance on ideal lighting at the same time your photo can be great.


I like Ron Vanderhoff’s photos for Southern California plants. Lots of which are also in Calflora and books.

What I like about them is that there are many and often have very good closeups of diagnostic features shown for tricky genre like Cryptantha and Mimulus, for example.

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Mine has to be William Wise, who takes some awesome wildlife shots. Especially his 1,000 Alligator photos!

As others have said, there are just too many.

To name maybe the one special case for me: This guy was the reason I got my DSLR in 2012 when I saw his photos elsewhere in the web. More specifically his photos of salticids: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&user_id=tshahan&verifiable=any


I love what judygva and treegrow see.

I love seeing @paultavares observations. A great eye, and generally gets good diagnostic photos, too. I also love my local photogs @dbmcc09 and Steve Waycott and the way they catch things that other people may not see

i loved hearing from all of you! i would say mine has to be @mesoplodon (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&user_id=mesoplodon) he is so amazing at composition, and that paired with great sharp images is just astounding!

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Those remind me of Daniel Pettersson work which I find one of the best bird photographers, even if this style of totally blurred background is hella popular. http://photoblog.danielpettersson.com/portfolio/

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