Why are Domestic Horses labeled as Native to the US

I just noticed that an observation of some wiled horses I made a bit ago has the green N signifying that the spices is native so I Googled if they were according the the definition but found conflicting results so I thought i’d ask if there is a important reason INat says native?

also i was curious why some spices don"t have any status (N,E,or IN)

You can always update these from the relevant place checklist if they are incorrect. You can also add a flag to discuss questions with previous checklist editors or identifiers.

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Many species don’t have these designations because they have never been added to iNat - they don’t need to be set when a species is added for instance.

Your record from Lincoln County, NM is marked as Introduced now. Maybe someone changed the status setting. There are many advocates who want feral domestic horses in North America to be considered native and wild (as wildlife, not wild by iNat standards), but that’s a discussion for another thread.


I fixed it. Listed as introduced now.

Anyone can edit establishment means, see https://help.inaturalist.org/en/support/solutions/articles/151000176171-how-to-add-or-edit-establishment-means-in-inaturalist

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Totally beside the point here, but aren’t all modern day Equids descended from what is now North America originally? Sort of weird when you think that they spread into 3 new continents and then died out in the one they came from…

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