Why does community ID honor "Opt out of community ID"?

If someone does “Opt out of community ID” on an observation and others disagree with the ID, it is still included in the maps. I realize it’s not research grade and won’t be in research grade maps, but I strongly feel it shouldn’t be in non research grade maps as well. The non research grade maps are the default and what most people see and these get polluted to these opt-out IDs. What is the purpose of doing it the way it is?


Even in the community ID, dissent is more heavily weighted and given priority , I assume it is an extension of that approach. Unfortunately too many people who use the functionality have no business doing so.


I recall reading comments from some users that they get very disturbed when others add an ID to their observation and they disagree with it. In such cases, the observer believes they know the species better than the community, and the incorrect IDs mess up their datasets. So, they have the option to opt out of community ID

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In such cases, I think it’s the community ID that should appear on the maps, not the observer’s ID. They can call it whatever they want, but in my experience they’re more often wrong than right when they refuse to accept community ID.


There was a topic on this exact question, would be cool if these were drafted together.



I would like Opted out to be displayed with Research / Casual. So often identifiers keep adding IDs and it WON’T change. Waste of time and effort.


That’s rather like the climate deniers who “know better” than the 97% of climate scientists.


The first time I ran into this, I honestly thought it was a bug because in my understanding when someone opts out of the community ID, they do not want other people to add IDs to their observations so they probably shouldn’t be showing up in the Needs ID queue at all.


More accurate would be to say they dont want people disagreeing with their identifications, they have no issues when people agree to move their records to research grade.

How often people opt out with right ids? I never seen one, only wrong ones.

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The high majority of observations with an opt out are correctly identified by the observer and not an issue.

It’s the small percentage cases where the observer is wrong which causes the disagreement to become evident due to the 2 different id on the page.

There are some very skilled observers who use it, and some clueless ones who know way less than they think they do.

I accept the rationale for bring able to do it on a single record, sometimes the community is wrong, or to block vandalism etc, not sure I think it should be something you can globally do though.


I have learnt - to notice - a surprisingly LONG list of identifiers I trust, queuing up.
Check if Community ID is rejected? Yes?

Next. Those identifiers could have worked thru a few more obs instead.
It is not something we look for at first, until you have been once bitten, twice shy.

Well, after some time someone can mark “can’t improve” if the community has built its own separate consensus by then. At that point the record typically becomes Casual, out of normal view. ;)

Better yet - opted out could default to Casual, till they opt in.


All those complaining about sophomoric confidence, or simply some Dunning-Kruger Effect, I’d counter with a different example.

I know one skilled naturalist who wants to keep the names they placed on an observation until THEY change it and not have the name to jump to something else at some moment out of their control.
They’ll go with a reorganized genus etc. at some point or maybe they are working on what they believe is a new species, so lots of votes for the more widely known species or the species from another part of the world does not help.

As to how / when it shows on a map, I think those should be different user selectable choices.


Though new species won’t be used wrongly if user clarifies it in description and preferably comment that is easier to see in id tab (plus there’s a project for undescribed species).

i will sometimes do this when someone identifies something to a higher taxonomic level than i feel is appropriate, or conversely they explicitly disagree on a species ID because they can’t discern the ID when i am confident in it. Pretty rare though. Some power users just reject community ID for a variety of reasons. I agree it would be nice to be able to filter these out when doing ID help.

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