Why does my lawn not grow in uniform

Hi all! I recently noticed that half of my lawn is very yellow and looks dead while the other half looks green and appears healthy. Both parts of my lawn receive about equal amounts of sprinkler coverage, yet they look completely different. Does anyone know why this could be happening?


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No idea. But similar things are happening with me.

Could be a few things:

  1. Check timer? Misprogrammed
  2. Do sprinklers reach the dead area? Adjust sprinkler top-screw to increase/decrease pressure or clean it.
  3. Water pooling up anywhere? Overwatering or damaged line/sprinkler.
  4. Well fed? Fertilize or plant some clover too.

If the sprinklers are older (more than 10 years), they could be clogged:

  1. Wash out the small strainer before sprinkler head.
  2. Soak the sprinkler head in vinegar (or Calcium, Lime, and Rust remover) to remove calcium deposits.

If cleaning doesn’t help, maybe replacing the sprinkler head to a longer distance one may help.

Does it look like this? You could have beetle grubs under part of your lawn, eating the roots.

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That is exactly what mine look like.

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