Why is the AI so bad on my computer, but good on my phone?

Hello everyone,
I often use the AI to check my identifications and see if there’s a look-alike I hadn’t considered. It’s great on my phone- but horrible on my computer.
For example, if I click “suggestions” when looking at a tuliptree flower, it will suggest white-tailed deer.
I’m assuming that this is because of something I’m doing (or not doing!)
Any advice?

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hi @mmmmbugs, can you provide some examples or screenshots?

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Is it more than the phone default being “visually similar” and the computer default being “seen nearby” (with taxa=life)?

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It’s the other way though, phone photos with gps data result with using “seen nearby” which is much better than just visually similar.


When you click on the Compare tool, the default Source is set to Observations (meaning nearby observations). Set it to Visually Similar to get AI suggestions. It took me a while to get that. Make sure to also play with the Taxon and Place options to expand your search.


I used to have the similar problem. But I realized that AI on computers has more filters than smartphones, and sometimes this causes AI recommendations weird. So make sure you play with these filters.

Perfect- I knew I must be missing something!

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